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Are you looking for your next studio?

There are eight permanent bays within the larger Artisans of Australia studio space, and 'hot desks' available for occasional use. Located in Drysdale, on the picturesque Bellarine, near Geelong.

The bays are available on 3 month renewable license agreements, at a rate of $500/mth. This includes: services, 24/7 access (with key) to the site, security cameras throughout, free parking, WIFI, tea/coffee facilities and your own section on the Artisans website and social media pages for your personal profile and sales. You will have access to your own bay (art studio), and can customise this to suit your working style. There is a lockable gate on each bay, with 2 keys - one for you and one for us so we can help if, as does sometimes happen, you lose the key. 

Easel hire, either studio or table style, is available at $2/day if required and other equipment may be available on request.

Each bay is built as open topped spaces from pallets and other up-cycled materials, creating an open space where you can interact as much or as little as you please. 

We do not take commissions from works sold from the bays, however, there may be restrictions on how often the public can be invited into the area - this is a working studio. Works sold through the store will incur a small administrative charge for funds transfers etc and these are set at the time of booking - you will never get an unexpected fee and will always know what your outgoings and commitments are.

Studio Space

40 Murradoc Road, Drysdale Victoria 3222, Australia

0414 095 921